FAQ: Leveling Systems

This area is designed to help our customers with the most frequently asked questions regarding Leveling Systems. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, we have conveniently provided a form for questions that will be sent directly to our Technical Service Team.

1. My jack needs to be replaced but I do not have a part number. How do I identify?

  • You can contact the coach manufacturer for the jack part number.
  • Or, you can use our Jack ID Chart for help.

2. Do you offer remanufactured jacks for Power Gear, Kwikee, or DeWald Jacks?

No, Power Gear does not refurbish or remanufacture previously used components on any product lines. All replacement jacks are new.

3. My jacks are leaking. Do you have rebuild kits?

Yes, please see the charts starting on page 2 for which rebuild kits can be used for each jack.

4. Do you offer seal kits for the jack cylinders?

Yes, some Power Gear jacks can be resealed. Please see Seal Kit Manual 82-L0352.

5. Do the Dewald jack cylinders have seal kits?

No, there are no seal kits for this style of jack from the DeWald product line.

6. Where is the leveling control box located?

The coach manufacturer mounts them upside down, typically in the center of the coach, in a weatherproof location. Contact the coach manufacturer for the exact location per your floor plan.

7. What type fluid do you recommend on your Dewald or Power Gear systems?

8. My leveling touch pad lights are blinking. What do I do?

9. When I put the vehicle in gear, the alarm sounds and the lights on the touch pad are blinking. I have verified that the jacks are up. What do I do?

For Power Gear hydraulic systems containing touch pad part numbers 140-1226, please see Tip Sheet 213.

For electric leveling systems, please reference this Troubleshooting Guide.

10. How do I recalibrate my Power Gear leveling system?

  • For leveling touch pad part number 140-1226 (hydraulic only) please see t.i.p sheet 153
  • For leveling touch pad part number 140-1226 and control box part number 140-1224 (electric only) please see t.i.p sheet 11003
  • For leveling touch pad number 140-1226 and control box part number 1010001002 (Winnebago Industries Motor Homes users) please see t.i.p sheet 12003

11. My jacks don’t retract fully. What do I do?

  • Hydraulic jacks can be cleaned and lubricated on the chrome rod that extends out from the barrel of the jack with silicone spray. If your jacks are equipped with zerk grease fittings at the bottom of the outer barrel then lubricate them with all purpose lithium grease. Do not use WD-40 as it can damage the seals in the jack assembly.
  • For Power Gear touch pad number 140-1179, please see Manual 82-L0327.
  • For Power Gear hydraulic touch pad part numbers 140-1226 and 500629, see Hydraulic Parts and Service Manual 82-L0506.
  • For Power Gear electric jacks with touch pad part number 140-1226, see Manual for Electric Levelers Trouble Shooting Guide.

12. I have an Electric Jack System and the electric jack leg just falls to the ground. What is the problem?

The drive pin broke. Secure the jack in the retracted position and follow these instructions for pin replacement in Manual 3010002134. (insert manual number 3010002134)

13. The control for my Level Best jacks is not responding. What do I do?

The jack control needs to be re-booted. Disconnect the control from the wire harness for about a minute. Then, reconnect it to the harness, set the parking brake and start the engine. It should now function correctly.

14. I have a Kwikee Level Best System. When I level my coach using Auto-Mode, not all of the jacks touch the ground. Why don’t I get ground contact from all of the jacks?

The system automatically senses when your coach is level. It can level the coach without all the jacks touching the ground.

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