FAQ: Kwikee Steps

This area is designed to help our customers with the most frequently asked questions regarding everything about Kwikee Steps. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, we have conveniently provided a form for questions that will be sent directly to our Technical Service Team.


1. I installed a new Kwikee Step and it is operating the opposite of how it should. Why is that?

It is probable there is an issue with the magnetic switch. Make sure the step is installed with a new black (normally open) switch.

2.How do the step override and Auto-Extend features work? The Override switch is ‘on’ and my step is locked in the extended position.

  • If your step is equipped with an override switch, turn it to the ‘on’ position. The step should remain in the extended position with the under-step light ‘off’ when the door is closed. With the override switch turned on, the step extended, and the entrance door closed, turn the vehicle ignition on. The ignition override system will go into effect and the step will automatically retract.
  • If the yellow wire from the four-way connector is not connected to an ignition power source, the ignition safety system will be inoperative and the step will remain in the extended position. In this case, the override switch must be turned off for the step to retract. Turn the vehicle ignition off and open the door. The step will extend and lock in the ‘down’ position. This is the ‘Auto Extend’ feature. When the vehicle ignition is turned on, the step will always activate with the door movement, regardless of the override switch position.

3.Where are the fuses for my step?

Each RV Manufacturer installs the fuses in different locations. Contact the manufacturer for details about the location of the fuses.

4. The label has come off my step. How can I identify it to order the correct parts?

To properly identify your step, measure the mounting bolt pattern front-to-back and side-to-side. Compare the measurements with the drawings on our Step ID Charts. Here are documents for Single Steps, Double Steps, and Triple Steps.

5. I downloaded the Electric Step Manual #888, but the instructions and troubleshooting in it are not working. Is this the right manual?

Older steps require the Electric Step Manual #875.

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