Power Gear Slideout Systems

The Power Gear Difference

Because of our commitment to value engineering, forward-thinking, and customized designs, Power Gear is an industry leader in Room Slide Technology. With a wide-range of options for design, assembly, shipping, control and motor specifications, Power Gear can create the perfect Slide Room to fit any coach in a way that allows RV Manufacturers to have their own distinct branding and design to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Exceptional Features

  • A wide variety of technology and design options gives endless combinations of customized solutions for any OEM.
  • Every Slideout Room we design goes through an extensive testing and design process including product vehicle application testing, durability testing, environmental testing, and cycle testing.
  • Qualified Engineering and R&D Staff allow for time-sensitive in-house design and rapid proto-typing capabilities.

Contact us for more information on our exciting M-squared, Q-Sync, and Full Wall Technologies.

part image
  • Motor ID Chart
  • Helps determine replacement part number for slideout motors.
  • pdf iconDownload Guide
part image
  • Gear ID Chart
  • Helps determine the proper gear replacement number for slideout applications.
  • pdf iconDownload Guide
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